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DSH Holdings Management

Dream it. Build it. Do it here.

Together, we are moving the world forward and you can too. Pursue your ambitions and shape your future in a career here.


For DHS Ventures & Holdings, a Purpose means building dynamic partnerships between people, companies, governments, other organizations and the media – partnerships that stimulate conversations with the potential to change the world. One of the most exciting aspects of the times in which we live and work is that no one owns this model, because there are no boundaries.


It is a world in which we can imagine possibility, work hard and with creativity and expertise to turn the possible into the real and achieve results for our clients that help them realize their purposes and make them and us proud.


At DHS Ventures & Holdings, Purpose means embracing this change. Telling the right story well is still the best way to communicate, but we must find new ways to communicate those stories. We understand that content, not platforms, is what fascinates and engages people. The ability of companies and brands to develop and distribute relevant content is limitless. What used to be a push model is now a vacuum that pulls everyone together.


For DHS Ventures & Holdings, Purpose is about understanding that, at its heart, communications is all about people – whether business-people, politicians, bloggers, journalists or other audiences – and people pay attention to what matters to them. Purpose means creating compelling messages backed by evidence not whim, making content matter backed by expertise, and driving relevance that provides substantive impact and meaningful results for our clients.

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Ethical Credibility

The DHS Ventures & Holdings Advantage

Values & Culture

DHS Ventures & Holdings fosters a culture of collaboration, responsibility, entrepreneurship, self-awareness and trustworthiness among our diverse team members. These core values unify and guide us in all that we do.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

DHS Ventures & Holdings strives to maintain and consistently strengthen a diverse workforce that is inclusive of a variety of backgrounds and experiences. We value supporting every colleague as an individual. 


DHS Ventures & Holdings seeks to make a meaningful difference through grants, corporate sponsorships and opportunities for our team members to give and get involved. Our support of nonprofits demonstrates our core values in action globally.

Careers at DHS Ventures & Holdings

DHS Ventures & Holdings is an established leader in alternative asset management, and we continue to expand our platform. We have investment acumen, strong relationships, capital raising capabilities and thought leadership that we are able to take advantage of across all of our businesses as a result of our non-siloed structure.

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