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We’ve done a lot to reduce our footprint on the environment, and we’d like to do more. We’re seeking ways to prevent pollution, to reduce waste, and to promote the sustainable use of natural resources.


And we consider sustainability from a variety of angles — from the efficiency of our facilities to the design of our packaging and the distribution channels we use to get our products to a patient’s bedside.

Recognized for environmental sustainability

Cook Ireland has gone the extra mile to meet international standards for environmental practices. In the last quarter of 2019, their dedication to environmental sustainability at work helped them earn ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certifications for these standards:

ISO 14001—For meeting all requirements to minimize their operation’s negative environmental effects

ISO 50001—For meeting all requirements for energy efficiency

esg investing

DHS Ventures & Holdings Areas of Investments

Our Facilities


Recycling and reuse

If something has a value, it should be used. When it can’t be reused, we look for ways to recycle.


Waste, energy, and water

Consumption and waste aren’t going away, but we always consider new options for reducing emissions, pollution, waste, and use of natural resources.


Architecture and construction

At the beginning of all construction projects, we consider new green building technologies, plan for reuse of materials, and build to maximize efficiency of natural resources.



Compliance to all applicable environmental, health and safety laws and regulations is a baseline. When it is possible to do more, we do.


Our customers, partners, and communities

Ordering and shipping

We seek the most efficient balance of technology, time, and transportation to get products to patients in a way that minimizes any negative impact on the environment.

Suppliers and distributors

Partnerships are a reflection of our own values, so we ask our business partners to follow the same standards we follow.


Communities are the foundation of our business. We’re always looking to create positive, lasting impacts on job creation and the spirit of our communities by putting old buildings back to use.

Products and packaging

When it comes to our products and packaging, we are committed to continuous improvement. We actively avoid and monitor restricted substances.

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