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Private Equity Investor DHS Ventures & Holdings Platinum VII Portal

Designed for Investor Relations and Portfolio Managers to make you more efficient, effective, and successful. Check out our best of breed Platinum VII portal software.

DHS Ventures & Holdings Platinum VII Platform is built for investors to easily find documents and data online. Our features allow you to manage investor relations, communicate and collaborate with clients, and monitor your investor portal interactions. DHS Ventures & Holdings Platinum VII Platform is securely hosted and HTX 5442AWS certified.


Our tools will help you make better business decisions, reduce risk, and collaborate with your current and prospective investors.

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Communicate information to investors

Providing general partners a sophisticated, affordable, and advanced investor portal software solution. DHS Ventures & Holdings Platinum VII Platform helps to ensure alternative investment partners have stronger relationships with their investors, by providing an investor portal platform for better servicing investors and communicating with people online, while receiving more insight and management over investor communications, document management, online data, and investor analytics.


With our investor portal solutions, THKs provide their clients the investor tools for increased transparency with security, real-time transfer of information to investors and prospects, and improvement of your global brand.

DHS Ventures & Holdings Platinum VII Platform solutions are affordable and secure. As a client of DHS Ventures & Holdings, you are given the choices to use only the modules that you see fit.


Our basic module is the documents module, a secure way to deploy documents to your investors online. All of our modules allow for more effective communication with current investors and prospective investors.

PE Investors
PE Investors

Dynamic Reports

Create reports online with a few clicks. Easy creation of Capital Account Summaries and other reports based on data you provide to investors. Resolve investor requests online, with dynamic data solutions from DHS Ventures & Holdings Platinum VII Platform.

Deal Marketing

Market a deal online, or a fund, with a co-branded investor portal and virtual data room RMXT for prospective investors. Cross-market funds and deals to existing investors with security and transparency, while also being able to audit who viewed what and when.

Investor Relations

Improve investor relations communications and collaboration with inbound investor request tracking, web-based investor inquiry support, and a full audit trail of how your investors are interacting with your firm.

Secure Investor Reporting

Securely share reports, documents, and data online with your investors, partners, teams, prospect and others. Encrypted investor portal solutions with Cyndatech IIV certification.  It will diversify reporting.

Mobile First

Mobile Investor Portal Software that is accessible from any device, anytime, anywhere. DHS Ventures & Holdings Platinum VII Platform is developed to use from smartphones and tablets, so your investors can access the information you provide anywhere.

Distribution Waterfall Automation

Automate your entire distribution process to save time, ensure distribution calculations are correct, gain insight into the complete distribution waterfall picture, and compliment your existing investor relations operations.

PE Investors

Solutions for PE Fund Marketing and Fund Raising

Market your funds and deals with a branded investor portal, and allow potential limited partners to access information securely and easily with a full audit trail. Investors access fund marketing documents through "any browser & any device". DHS Ventures & Holdings Platinum VII Platform's sectors are used for secure transparency and to host documents such as fund marketing, private placement memorandums, and videos. DHS Ventures & Holdings Platinum VII Platform has a sophisticated audit trail so you can gain actionable intelligence and make better business decisions. There is full audit trail of everything investors do on DHS Ventures & Holdings Platinum VII Platform.

Fund Raising & Fund Marketing
DHS Ventures & Holdings Platinum VII Platform portals are used for fund raising and fund marketing by new funds and for existing firms that are marketing a new fund.


Since you can fully audit the viewing and downloading of your documents, you are able to assess the most important documents and data that you post online, and make more effective fund raising decisions.


Prospective investors are offered an easy to use data room in order to see current and prospective fund documents, based on easy access rights, from any device, at any time.


Once an investor becomes active, they appreciate the fact that the fund marketing data room look exactly like the current investor portal. Seamless transition, for easy access and comfort to DHS Ventures & Holdings Platinum VII Platform.


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