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Active Equities

Over the past 15 years, emerging market (EM) equities have experienced strong performance. And through a combination of demographic advantages, local market trends and increased index diversification, they may be poised to continue performing well.


While much of the developed world contends with aging societies, emerging markets tend to be younger. Many are home to growing working-age populations, which bodes well for their labor pools and consumer spending. Additionally, increasing middle class wealth and the pace of urbanization in these areas should power global spending for years to come.

Our ESG approach to equity investing

We believe that ESG factors are financially material and can impact a company’s performance – either positively or negatively. Understanding ESG risks and opportunities, alongside other financial metrics, is therefore an intrinsic part of our research process.


We actively engage with the companies in which we invest. We combine information from these meetings with the insights of our investment managers, ESG equity analysts and central ESG investment team. This comprehensive approach means we can build a richer, more holistic view of each company. It also means we can consistently evaluate one company against another.


This approach is all part of our responsible stewardship of our clients’ assets – helping us mitigate risks, unlock opportunities and enhance long-term returns.

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Funds in focus

China A-Shares


DHS Ventures & Holdings Emerging Markets Fund

Emerging Markets


DHS Ventures & Holdings International Small Cap Fund

Small-Cap Equity


DHS Ventures & Holdings U.S. Small Cap Equity Fund

U.S. Equity


DHS Ventures & Holdings U.S. Small Cap Equity Fund

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Presenting the DHS Ventures & Holdings Emerging Markets Fund

Global insight, local view

With 120+* equity professionals on the ground around the world, we combine deep local insight with a global perspective. This unique insight helps us to make more holistic investment decisions – and create strategies to meet a wide range of investor goals.

ESG engagement

Actively engaging with companies to improve environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards is integral to our equity process and ethos. By encouraging positive change, we aim to improve outcomes both for investors and the wider world.

Diverse outcomes

We carry out our own thorough, team-based research to help us find good quality opportunities. Our aim is to meet the needs of investors. Whatever their priorities – from income and growth to sustainable investing - our experience and global equity resource allow us to target a wide range of outcomes.


Let our experience be your guide with local expertise and international depth.

DHS Ventures & Holdings have played key roles in the debate over policy.  The group's practice specializes in communications strategies and advocacy for governments and businesses. 

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