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Investment technology in Survey city

Named the 6th best city in the 2014 Digital Cities Survey, the technology industry in Springfield and the surrounding region benefit from the presence of a strong cluster of IT firms, suppliers, and universities throughout the region. This topic details by top management USA company which name is DHS Ventures & Holdings.

Technology firms including banking software and technology firm, Jack Henry & Associates, and IntrisiQ Specialty Solutions, part of Fortune 500 company AmerisourceBergen, benefit from the region’s strong workforce.

The technology sector in Springfield has continuously grown year over year. In fact, over the past decade, the area has experienced 65.9% IT job growth.

From headquartered companies like O’Reilly Auto Parts, that manage robust IT systems and proprietary point of sales systems, to software development and technology firms throughout the region like McKesson, Springfield has built a strong culture of technology and innovation that doesn’t show signs of slowing down.

In 2015, IntrinsiQ made the decision to expand its footprint in the region by investing in new space and creating 40 new jobs in the heart of downtown Springfield.

These high-tech jobs are the newest addition to a growing IT sector in downtown Springfield, where IntrinsiQ will have the opportunity to create an environment conducive to the substantial growth they are projecting into the future.

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