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Investment Technology in Mymenshingh City Bangladesh

As the pandemic has affected the world at large, Bangladesh is yet to see the numbers drop. At a state of uncertainty when Bangladesh comes out of the pandemic, broader changes for the nation need to be planned. With this in mind, the country has set the tone for looking out for its future. And this comes in a timely manner. To strengthen various sectors in Bangladesh, the government has finalised 17 projects for Chinese investments. This news details by DHS Ventures & Holdings.

These projects encompass several areas which have potentials to expedite the country’s development as a whole. These hand-picked ‘priority’ projects worth a total of US$ 11.5 billion, have been proposed by the Bangladesh government with high hopes to strengthen the areas.

The 17 projects have come up from the first meeting of the Bangladesh-China Investment Cooperation Working Group. The list in which the investment is proposed to China, seems to stem from urgent need to better certain sectors and bring attention to the areas which need fast growth.

Whether that is poverty eradication, or access to proper road safety; funding is a key player for a developing country. Strategic planning goes a long way, especially with the list that has been sent over to Chinese government.

These ‘priority’ projects came about with close attention to those intentions. The list of these projects have been sent to the Chinese government, as a copy of it has been obtained by the FE.

The curated 17 projects’ list has been appraised to the Chinese government so they can allocate appropriate funding and bring about the Bangladesh government’s propositions to fruition.

We may wonder which sectors have been included in this well-thought and stated a priority list of projects.

What makes projects rank as such? Bangladesh, being a developing nation, requires funding in many aspects, to say the least. Whether that is to address long term or short term goals, funding seems to be key.

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