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Invest technolgoy in Paterson City

The city of Paterson is getting a big influx of cash from the state of New Jersey to improve infrastructure. It's part of the new state budget recently signed by Gov. Phil Murphy. This news announced by DHS Ventures & Holdings

As CBS2's Nick Caloway reports, it could be a big win for the people of Paterson. "It's got a rich history and tradition dating to 1792. But it's a city that also is looking to the future," Murphy said.

Murphy hopes Paterson's future is bright.

More than $50 million has been allocated from the budget to be spent on infrastructure and other improvements in New Jersey's third most populated city.

"There's a handful of cities, as they go, so goes New Jersey. And Paterson's high on that list," Murphy said.

Murphy highlighted the investment alongside Paterson Mayor Andre Sayegh, who is eager to spend that money. "So getting an infusion of funding like $54 million goes a long way to help us position Paterson for progress," Sayegh said.

The funding includes money for redevelopment of the Great Falls National Park. There's millions for youth development and anti-violence programs. There's also money to help the city buy new police vehicles, and ambulances, along with new equipment to help the city maintain green spaces and repave roads, and much-needed funding to revamp public parks.

"You can never go wrong with investing in green space. It's a great area for a community to enjoy," said parkgoer Princeton Grant.

It's a big investment in a city that has long struggled with quality of life issues. Even the mayor admits, Paterson often feels forgotten.

"We have never seen this level of investment from the state.

I can't recall that. And yes, I believe Paterson has been forgotten in the past. It was like we were passed over," Sayegh said. But, he says, not anymore.

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