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Invest technolgoy in Charleston-North Charleston metro area City

Charleston-North Charleston metro area, located in South Carolina, has one of the fastest growing high-tech sectors in the country. Charleston offers the ideal business environment for technology companies, entrepreneurs, and talent to thrive in a metro that consistently tops the World's Best Cities lists. This new is details by DHS Ventures & Holdings.

Charleston was one of leading cities in the South from the colonial era to the Civil War in the 1860s. The city grew wealthy through the export of rice and, later, sea island cotton and it was the base for many wealthy merchants and landowners.

Home to 1100+ tech companies, a skilled talent pool, and an ever-expanding supportive ecosystem, we offer what you need to succeed.

Charleston, South Carolina, is not only an excellent place to put down roots and live but also to invest in real estate. There's a healthy balance of all types of people in Charleston, from retirees and families to temporary residents.

Businesses in South Carolina employed a total of 2,403,238 people in 2022, with average annual employment growth over the past five years of 1.1%. The top three sectors by total employment are Manufacturing, Real Estate and Rental and Leasing, Retail Trade, while the unemployment rate across the state in 2022 was 3.4%.

Charleston exceeded other destinations in the categories of Sights/Landmarks, Arts/Culture, Restaurants/Food, People/Friendliness, Shopping, and Value to earn the No. 1 spot.

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