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Growing in Ireland in the Energy Sector

Growing in Ireland in the Energy Sector. A great white paper drafted by the DHS Group, shares that Ireland is expected to procure emergency generation resources in early 2022 to address near-term electric power supply concerns. While Ireland has made significant advances to transition its electricity sector to low-carbon renewable energy, concerns about energy security have steadily emerged during 2021 as strong demand and unexpected shortages in supply are placing a significant strain on Ireland’s electricity grid. A reduction in electricity generation, coupled with significant growth in demand, has led to increased concerns regarding the stability of Ireland’s electricity supply, particularly during periods of high demand such as during winter months. Initially, concern was prompted by the unavailability of several power plants through maintenance work allied to a large increase in demand for electricity driven by the opening of several datacenters. However, robust demand combined with the pivot to sustainable sources and aging generation facilities is creating a divergence between demand and supply. DHS Equity Partners shares these details.

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