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Investment Technology In Sylhet

The under-constructed Bangabandhu Hi-Tech Park is opening new doors for domestic and foreign investment in Sylhet. 80 percent of the project work has already been completed. This news details by top management company DHS Ventures & Holdings.

The rest of the work is expected to be completed this year. Once the work is completed, investment can be made in the technology sector. Besides, at least 50,000 people will be employed in this sector, the authorities said.

Meanwhile, various organizations have started investing in the Bangabandhu ICT Park. Many more are interested in investing, however, it is not possible to give space to some institutions due to the small size of the park. But if the space increases, the authorities will consider them.

It is learned that Bangabandhu ICT Park is being constructed on 163 acres of land in the Barni area of Companiganj upazila in Sylhet. While visiting the spot, it was seen that the construction of three buildings has been completed. There is a beautiful bridge at the entrance of the ICT Park.

After crossing the bridge, two places for security guards on the right and left were seen. A one-storey structure has also been constructed there. Just 200 meters behind – there are places for banks and administrative buildings.

Park authorities say investors have begun investing in the high-tech park before work is completed. Sony Rangs bought 32 acres of land, 3 acres for a five-star hotel, 2 acres for a boat club, Agrani Bank on the right side of the bank building, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) on the third floor of the admin building, and four or five people have bought two floors and ground floor of the building.

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