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DHS Group welcomes you to our real estate industry news section!

DHS Group welcomes you to our real estate industry news section! Follow the latest Argentina real estate news, including top articles concerning construction, housing market and commercial real estate trends in Argentina. Real Estate news continually updated from local and international leading sources. The dynamic nature of the real estate market in Argentina means that it is changing all the time. New areas becoming popular, different cities experiencing growth, new types of developments become popular. DHS states that having an emphasis on the aerospace sector is being a highly technical industry, the aerospace industry is committed to investing in research and development. Indeed, in 2018, the aerospace industry invested $1,4 billion in R&D. Therefore, most aerospace companies’ R&D programs are focused on developing unique aircraft-related technologies. For example, this ranges from the design and production of regional business aircraft to space robotics. DHS Group states that our the telecommunication sector is made up of companies that make communication possible on a global scale, whether it is through the phone or the Internet, through airwaves or cables, through wires or wirelessly. These companies created the infrastructure that allows data in words, voice, audio, or video to be sent anywhere in the world. The largest companies in the sector are telephone (both wired and wireless) operators, satellite companies, cable co

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